Welcome to the online home of the Templars of the Rose, a Heavy RP, PvE, and PvP-themed Alliance guild on Earthen Ring-US. This site is for Templars, allies, and guests alike.

If you're just visiting, feel free to browse the public sections of our site, attend our public ingame events, and ping a Templar or two for roleplay. The About TotR section will tell you all about us and our history, and the Recruitment section will lead you where you need to go on joining.

See you ingame.

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Templarsoftherose.net Is Live

by Arialynn, 96 days ago

Greetings, friends, allies, and visitors. Our new home is templarsoftherose.net. That domain used to route here, but it's since moved on as we continue with our site move. Please update your bookmarks and note that our Guild Launch site will officially shut down on Jan. 20th.

In regards to recruitment, it's still closed until we finish porting all content to the new site, but will open as soon as we've finished unpacking the boxes. Thank you for your patience!

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Templars of the Rose Is Moving!

by Arialynn, 110 days ago

Templars of the Rose is currently moving to a new site home. The move will be fully complete by mid-January. When the move is complete, the templarsoftherose.net domain will route to our new niche on the Interwebs, so there's no need to update your bookmarks (that is, of course, you're using the Guild Launch URL - in that case, definitely update your bookmark!).


Till the move is done, recruitment will remain closed while we pack up all our things to start our next chapter!

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Recruitment is Closed

by Arialynn, 134 days ago

Due to an influx of new members and applications, Recruitment is closed. Current applications will continue to go through the process unabated, but no new applications will be accepted till Recruitment re-opens.

As always, we like to take time to consider new members as well as warmly welcome new recruits, and with the holiday season just around the corner, everyone - recruitment officers and members included - is going to have less time on their hands. We'd like to use what time we have to get through the current queue.

We'll re-open Recruitment in late January at the earliest. In the meantime, thanks for your patience.

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