Tav Coppertoe felt the cold sweat dribble down the back of his neck, staining parts of his undershirt beneath the wild leather armor and rattling chain links of his armor. He swallowed anxiously as he thumbed the hammer back on his rifle, squinting unsteadily down the iron sights and taking in a sharp breath to steady himself. The raving Kor'kron barreled down on him while blood poured out over his glistening green skin, the broken hafts of a cluster of arrows sunk deeply into his shoulders. 

Tav's eyes squinted shut to steel himself from the recoil as he pulled the trigger, seeking to plant the spinning bullet right between the warrior's eyes. 

His eyes widened in horror as he heard nothing but a hollow 'click' as the trigger struck the pin inside of the barrel, and only a wisp of hot air came tumbling gently out of the muzzle. Tav could only feel his mouth go dry a the realization, as his feet quickly scrambled to action, trying desperately to escape the foaming, roaring beast of an orc that brought its heavy saronite axe down upon his head... 

Then, the image freezes in place. Tav's dumbstruck face is staring straight at the wicked, blood-soaked and chipped metal edge of the axe while the orcish nightmare grits its teeth with relish and reckless intent. 

"This horrible incident could happen to your loved one." Commander Alliance states with a somber, calm tone as he stares at the camera, gesturing to the little TV screen with Tav's face frozen in time on display. "While even the most skilled Dwarven Riflemen remember to keep spare rounds in their pouches...with so many raving orcs to kill, it just isn't enough. Tav Coppertoe could have been the name of someone you knew, his life cut short by the greatest tragedy of war on Azeroth - a lack of supplies." Then, Commander Alliance smiles hopefully. "Are you a skilled gatherer or a craftsman that took an arrow to the knee? Too young to join the fight? Are you left behind, fretting over the lives of your beloved Alliance heroes? Well even YOU can make a difference. 

A list scrolls on the right side of the screen. 

"Send in your donations of the following fine goods. Herbs! Skins and leathers! Raw metals and ores! Uncut gemstones! Silks and linens! Random engineering scraps! Fresh meats and fish! Bottles of ink! Or, you can build your own fine weapons, armors and products and send them in!" 

Commander Alliance nods. "Remember that in the end, our incredible army still needs a steady stream of supplies. Do this today, and maybe Tav's story might have ended very differently." He glances over to the screen and shakes his head sadly. He points a thick finger at the camera. "Don't leave the Coppertoe in your life go without his bullets. Send in your materials today!!"

(written by Jamus)
 (art by Nothus)

OOC Information

This event is meant to spark RP amongst Templars as we begin getting organised and collecting materials to fill our newly cleaned guild bank. We're collecting the supplies we'll need to compete in the upcoming siege of Orgrimmar. In thanks for helping with this tremendus effort rewards will be given or traded for signets you collect reminicient of the signet trade-in quests available during the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj. Donations can be given or mailed to specific officers in order to recieve your signets. Officers you can mail in Donations to are Mosur, Jaffar, and Arialynn. In the mail title please put War Effort so the donation is properly noted!

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